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Blake Cemetey

Blake Cemetery, originally Jacob and Eleanor Blake's family homestead, was established in 1843 after the loss of their infant daughter Caroline. Saddened by their loss, they buried her on a beautiful hillside on the family farm.  The same hillside adorns many tall oak trees.  These trees have become home to two migrating broad-winged hawks for the past five years.

Blake Cemtey Map
McCool Cemetery

Many descendants of Portage Township and surrounding communities have embraced McCool Cemetery as their family burial grounds. Established in 1852, the cemetery is rich in history. Many war veterans have been laid to rest at McCool Cemetery, including nine Civil War Veterans.  The tallest of the headstones at McCool is that of the Wolf Family.  This monument stands fifteen feet tall and is adorned by tulips and crocuses every spring.

McCool Cemetery Map
James | Schrock Memorial

The James Schrock Cemetery is a pioneer cemetery located along the Indiana Toll Road, east of McCool Road, and behind the Pleasant Valley Trailer Park. Before 1900, the particular area was referred to as Joy's Run.  The cemetery was established in 1838 and is named in honor of the Allen B. James family, original owners of the property, and the August Schrock family, later owners of the property.  

The cemetery nearly became obliterated and removed when the Indiana Toll Road was constructed.  The original survey plans for the toll road had the roadbed going through the cemetery.  Mrs. Dave Magnuson of Chesterton protested the obliteration or removal of the cemetery and used a little-known law to block the Toll Road Commission from traversing the cemetery land.

James Schrock Photo


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